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Sambutan Hari Arthritis Sedunia 2019 – 12 October 2019 (Saturday)

Sambutan Hari Arthritis Sedunia 2019

Datanglah beramai-ramai ke Subang Parade.

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Arthritis Awareness Fun Run – now on 30 November 2019

Arthritis Awareness Fun Run – 30 November 2019 (Saturday)

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A Courageous Journey
[16 Aug 2015|Comments Off on A Courageous Journey]

At first sight, Ms Ding Mee Hong accompanied by her husband Chew Cheng Chuan seemed like any other couple, till I noticed her deformed fingers and the difference in her walk (the penguin walk as she jokingly called it).

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AS is… …more than just a pain in the butt.
[25 Aug 2014|Comments Off on AS is… …more than just a pain in the butt.]

From Joint Efforts

Ali was 20 when he first experienced lower back pain and stiffness. The symptoms were most noticeable in the morning but tended to fade away by mid morning. He could not remember any strain or trauma that started the pain but it just never
went away completely.

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Arthritis Fund Helps: Shantabai
[31 Jul 2011|Comments Off on Arthritis Fund Helps: Shantabai]

Arthritis Fund (AF) recipient Shantabai is unequivocal, “Knee surgery changed my life, and I have AFM to thank for that. I was walking with the aid of a walking stick, I could not climb stairs, could not squat, and could not use the toilet. Painkillers did not help with the pain, I was a total wreck.”