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Book is still available at the AFM office. Cost RM50

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  1. Selamat pagi.

    Saya ingin bertanya, bahasa apakah yang digunakan di dalam buku My Wira? Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris atau dwibahasa?


  2. Hi Suzani,

    Ia dalam bahasa Inggeris sahaja.

    Harap maklum.

  3. Dear AFM Team,

    How do I purchase this book? Can you deliver by postage? What will be the delivery cost?

    Thank You.

  4. Hi Siti,

    I have forwarded your inquiry to the Administrative Secretary. You should receive a reply from her soon.

    Best regards

  5. Good Morning,

    May i know what is the content of this book about ?

    Kind regards,

  6. It involves articles from women who have RA and those that are involved in the care of patients with RA. It gives a good insight into the different experiences of each of them and how they battle RA.

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    April 5, 2012 at 4:59 am
    My name is Simmie, from Linton University, Malaysia.
    I am a product design student currently conducting a research for my final year project. Currently I am designing adaptive or assistive products for people that suffer from Hand Impairment(s) due to Arthritis in order to ease their daily life.

    I am hoping that through product design innovation, we’re able to ease the difficulties & challenges faced by people with special needs as well as people that suffer from hand impairment and also to improve their quality of life. I hope that you can assist me in my research by participating in my survey by sharing this survey with your members & by allowing me to post this survey in your forum / blog / Facebook page. Thank you for your time & assistance.


  8. Hi Simmie,

    Thank you for your post. If you still wish we can put up a post in a section on your survey.