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Come exercise with us at AFM!

8The PACE exercise program has been running successfully at the Ground Floor of Sunway Medical Centre.  Arthritis Foundation, Malaysia (AFM) expresses its appreciation to Physio Plus physiotherapists, Dr Vim and Ms Alexis Loke for their assistance in running this program.  AFM started these classes some 3 months ago and the response, although slow, has been encouraging.

The program has impact and one participant has this to say, “I don’t sit doing nothing as much as I used to, even when I’m home.  If I’m sitting watching television, I practise some of the exercises taught by the physios, or move my legs, and perform simple knee exercises that can be done even while sitting.”

The PACE routine combines a program of mobility, flexibility and strength training exercises, with a fair mix of balance, coordination and circuit activities. Targeted and specific for people with arthritis, it is also a fun exercise routine for older adults.

Classes are RM5 for non-members, and RM3 for members of AFM. Participants are welcome to join the class every Tuesday from 10.45 a.m.
to 11.45 a.m. at the said venue. For more information and registration, please get in touch with us: AFM Ms Yoges at: 603-7960 6177 Your Physiotherapists at 603-7877 0003

A Little Note For Older Adults and Seniors

Keep in mind that your muscle area, or muscle bulk or mass as we call it, decreases with age and the number and size of muscle fibres too. What this means is that as you age, the muscle shrinks in size. Also many of us are not into strength training or resistance training to maintain the bulk of the muscles. So how does this affect us ? Well, the maximum strength that your muscle can exert reduces as you age, so you will be less able to perform forceful contractions. Also the speed with which you perform activities too reduces. Many everyday activities like lifting shopping bags, stepping over an obstacle and stair climbing are affected. That staircase that you have climbed all these years and never had a fall, suddenly now, as you age, you find that you have actually tripped on it! Add to these the joint pains or arthritic pains, and our limitations seem frustrating and complex.  The PACE exercise program has been put together with all these in mind, so that physical conditioning and function is optimised. Not to mention the many friends and physiosocial benefits. VOILA! So do come and do bring your friends along.

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